Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Secret Sauce of Viral Video

Kevin Nalts is a marketing director at a Fortune 100 company who moonlights as a YouTube comedian. He has posted more than 670 short videos on YouTube.

YouTube invited him to speak at conference about viral video. Here is a link to his presentation.

YouTube is a great resource: they will host your content for free, people are accustomed to going there - as it is the dominant provider of internet video content, and all you have to do to get people to watch your video is compete with the other content.

Of course, a webcasting service offers benefits that YouTube cannot. YouTube does not provide metrics about who watched your videos and for how long. It does not offer branding on the access page or on the player. Nor can they secure your video so it only reaches a designated audience. It does not allow the audience to complete a survey or take a test.

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  1. Greetings from Indonesia.

    True, one of the thing that is not so great about a social networking media platform is the unability to measure how viral your communications are.

    But you can crack the html and other code so that it keeps track of how the communications spread, so I was told by one of my web developer.