Saturday, July 26, 2008

ROI Revealed

Ben Comer from Medical Marketing & Media reports that Wolters Kluwer Health and Nielsen have joined forces to combine "de-identified patient prescription-related transaction data" from Wolters Kluwer Heath with "consumer purchasing, attitudinal and behavior information" from Nielsen (quotes from a company press release).

This will provide outstanding metrics to measure the impact of targeted medical marketing. The goal has always been to influence prescribing physicians; this gives the ability to track with great sophistication the results of drug marketing efforts.

Drug companies have to spend less and get better results. Webcasting has been proven to be an extremely effective marketing vehicle that provides data about audience views far beyond the capability of traditional media. With the ability to accurately track shifts in prescription behavior and cross reference with webcast attendance, it seems clear that more money will be spent on webcasting for medical communications.

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