Sunday, July 20, 2008

Amazon Plans an Online Store to Stream Video

The New York Times reported on July 17 that will introduce a new online store of TV shows and movies Amazon Video on Demand.

Customers of Amazon’s new store will be able to start watching any of 40,000
movies and television programs immediately after ordering them because they
stream, just like programs on a cable video-on-demand service. That is different
from most Internet video stores, like Apple iTunes and the original incarnation of Amazon’s video store, which require users
to download files to their hard drives.

CinemaTech highlights this quote from the Times article:

The video store will be accessible through the Sony Bravia Internet Video link,
a $300 tower-shaped device that funnels Web video directly to Sony’s
high-definition televisions. That is an awkward extra expense, for now. But
future Bravias are expected to have this capability embedded in the television,
making it even easier to gain access to the full catalog of past and present TV
shows and movies, over the Internet, using a television remote control.

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