Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Era of Medical Media

An article that appears in the May Medical Marketing & Media magazine called: "Report Indicates Shift in Strategy" shows that medical communications - Direct to Physician Marketing and Direct to Consumer Marketing - is experiencing the same trends and forces that we see in advertising as a whole.

There is more pressure on expenditures, and there is a greater focus on rich media to improve the ROI of these communications.

A follow up article in the June 2008 issue of Medical Marketing & Media magazine called: "Surviving the Shift" declares:

Heads are rolling on sales forces as the buildup of the detailing Cold War
years is abruptly reversed, and even many DTC channels are feeling the pinch.
Forced to do more with less, media planners and buyers are looking for ever more
targeted opportunities and pharmas are warming to online media (even if banner
ads are down). Welcome to a new era of medical media—one in which thrift and
creativity are rewarded.

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