Thursday, September 13, 2007

Speech Analytics - The Next Frontier in SEO?

Speech analytics is a relatively new technology. It allows an enterprise to sort all the "data" contained in telephone calls... What are common complaints? Why do customers buy? Why do they leave for the competition?

The first obvious use for the technology is for enterprises with big call centers. After data has been sorted (by keywords or by context), business can learn more about what their customers are communicating to them and identify trends.

One provider of such technology, Nexidia, claims in a press release that within 90 days of using the technology to sift through thousands of hours of recorded calls a client identified and implemented programs that would save them $3.1 million annually.

"In the past 12 months, Nexidia's applications have analyzed over 3.3 million hours of audio and video including more than 73.5 million contact center calls."

Search Engine Optimization is a significant issue for any enterprise on the web that wants people to see its content. It seems inevitable that speech analytics technology will allow search engine users to find audio and video webcasting content that suits their needs by searching the actual dialogue in the webcasts.

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