Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Consistent Message Throughout the Enterprise

I was perusing the Question and Answer section of LinkedIn and saw the following answer written by Arthur Klein, Business and Marketing Consultant, to a question posted about marketing high end jewelry:

"...As a marketing consultant, my advice specific to your communication strategy would be as follows, and in a word - consistent:

1. Above all else, remember that the message has to work for everyone in the organization and be a part of their psyche. They have to believe, so give them something they can believe. If that works, then sought after customer will believe and accept attitude your selling

2. Appoint the right person as message consistency champion. There is nothing worse than inconsistent attitudes and interpretations of goods / services being sold, esp when speaking of luxury (disposable income items).

3. Train, train, train and share information. Don't bamboozle your staff with marketing-speak. Talk to them in real terms, because they're real people. Don't leave it to them. They don't get paid to be creative. You do.

4. In a larger company create a communications "manual" that lays down how messages should be interpreted and implemented across organization and market channels where these items are to be sold. Nothing fuzzy or BS.

5. Ensure that any tweaks or changes you make to marketing messages are properly and fully communicated to every department who needs to know--not just the marketing department."

Webcasting is extremely well-suited for creating that consistency across the enterprise. At minimum, it provides a vehicle for communicating a specific message to all employees. When a testing and certification module is added, it becomes an extremely powerful yet lightweight virtual training tool that requires no investment in hardware or software to implement.

Testing and Certification makes it possible for any organization to establish a minimum standard of product knowledge, brand awareness, and task competence specific to their business and measure all of its employees to ensure compliance.

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