Friday, August 3, 2007

This Is Awesome... What Do We Do With It?

TechCrunch recently wrote about MadKast, a tool that allows you to easily syndicate your blog. The tool is a widget, a second generation interface that will soon be ubiquitous.

The MadKast people plan to make money by embedding contextual advertising with the blog content and sharing the revenue with the blogger.

There a number of companies trying to figure out how to make money with RSS. As with many new technologies, the appreciation for how "cool" it is comes immediately but the understanding of how to make money with it takes some time.

MadKast focuses on bloggers. FlyWheel, my company's RSS Consolidator, is a corporate tool, helping large organizations manage their enterprise-wide feeds easily and distribute them within portable cogs.

Thought leaders in any vertical distribute content that other web-sites and bloggers find valuable. Allowing these interested parties to enhance their sites by providing your content in a cog on their site is a win for everyone. The content distributor has its feed in front of an ever-growing number of eyeballs, a number growing both exponentially and virally since the cog can be replicated any number of times by anyone who wants to embed it on their site.

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