Monday, August 13, 2007

Engage, Educate, Exchange Information, and Empower

Publicly traded companies brief the investor community about their results and their strategy for the future every three months. How often do they communicate a consistent message to all of their employees?

A Thomson Financial white paper makes the following point:

"With the increase in global sourcing, remote working and virtual teams, important messages are increasingly being delivered electronically—competing for attention in already congested inboxes. As the adoption of broadband Internet continues to rise and the associated operation costs fall, the use of streaming media across the enterprise has reached a tipping point. Web-based platforms have introduced new channels that cut through the clutter and reach employees in ways that are more targeted and interactive."

The Thomson white paper cites 4 Es: engage; educate; exchange information; and empower.

Any organization with a dispersed workforce should be aware of how easy it is to leverage internet broadcasting to inexpensively keep everyone on the same page.

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