Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Corporate Culture - Do You Have The Culture You Want?

Corporate Culture is defined as that which "...comprises the attitudes, experiences, beliefs and values of an organization.

Certainly organizations try to create, nurture, and manage a corporate culture. A simple "mission statement" is not going to have a lasting impression. To paraphrase Gandhi, an organization must be the culture it is trying to create.

Webcasting is an elegant and cost-effective way to deliver a specific message to a far flung enterprise. Jim Collins talks about 6 things one needs to align an organization with a vision, and number three is consistent communication. This makes sense. A corporation addresses its shareholders and the financial community at least once a quarter with a formal discussion of the strategy and the results; why would the same corporation not address its own employees at least as frequently?

Corporate Town Halls using webcasting technology are gaining in popularity. It is only a matter of time before they are as ubiquitous as the investor conference.

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