Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Increase Retention and Reduce Recruitment Costs

Corporations can reduce staffing costs by using webcasting to increase retention. Sales is an obvious area where this approach can work.

It is critical to get newly-hired sales people ramped up and successful as quickly as possible. Many sales organizations are plagued with chronic turnover amongst sales people because they cannot consistently get new hires producing at plan.

If a corporation shifted some recruitment dollars to fund a new hire "quick start" training program, they can create a library of best sales practices that new hires could access to enhance their success. This is much more economical than training new hires individually.

Webcasting makes this possible because corporations can use the technology to create a web-based learning system that requires no investment in hardware or software. Corporations already know how to train their employees - but webcasting allows them to record the training and distribute it in rich media across the enterprise.

The ROI is easy to track: more sales people producing at plan and less sales turnover.

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  1. Webcasting great idea to be able to retain staff which businesses need to avoid the time-consuming and expensive challenge of recruiting and training staff.
    By engaging staff in rich-media and social technology, I believe retaining staff and keeping them engaged becomes easier. There is more than one solution to this problem and social media is ever becoming the answer.
    A platform that I have investigated recently for HR purposes is brandstation as this is a social platform for internal collaboration that takes advantage of web 2.0 tools such as forums, blogs and wikis to make a more social and productive workforce. Tested the demo which seems to be great and looking at concepts for branding.