Friday, November 30, 2007

Convert Web Traffic to Customers

There are a number of ways that web businesses can increase their conversion rate of website visitors to customers.

Web analytic programs can tell you where the visitors go and when they leave. High rates of drop off on a shopping cart page can alert you to problems. You can test different web designs or "paths" you would like visitors to take to see which configurations are most friendly to converting customers. Points of "friction" where people jump off the path and leave before becoming a buyer can be identified and hopefully eliminated.

But on a more fundamental level, one should focus on content and lead generation.

Educational webinars are outstanding lead generators because - like a white paper - people willingly exchange their contact information for access to the content.

Webinars offer a visual and audio experience that is more engaging than a white paper, and the content gives people a reason to linger on the website. Unlike a white paper, at the end of a webcast the viewer is put back on the site – perhaps on a shopping cart page with a call to action.

Every business has a story to tell. Webinars are the perfect platform to educate visitors to your site about the business issues your customers face, why a customer needs a product or service like yours, the consequences of not addressing the needs met by a product or service like yours, and why your product or service is better than other competing solutions.

If you do not provide your potential customers with factual, objective information about your value proposition and are simply relying on them to understand the relevant business drivers on their own, you are certainly not converting as high a percentage as you could be.

All this information may already be on the website, but 60% of communication is non-verbal and people do not like to read.

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